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* * @author Mihai Nistor {@link */ public class UniversalInstanceTest extends AbstractUnitTest { @BeforeClass public static void setUp() throws Exception { System.out.println("Test suite for UniversalInstance"); testSuite = new UniversalInstanceTest(); } @AfterClass public static void tearDown() throws Exception { System.out.println("testSuite destroyed"); @Test public void testInstance() throws Exception { assertEquals(UIIconProvider.Instance.getInstance().getIcon(Icon.PUBLIC_LIBRARY), Icon.PUBLIC_LIBRARY); } Testimonials I just wanted to say that we had a great experience with Safe Work Solutions. They were able to successfully complete some work with us. We were able to engage the same quality team member back when we first started with us. What’s more is that the Safe Work Solutions group are very responsive and not afraid to step in when needed, which is something that is very important to us. We love working with them. We have used Safe Work Solutions’ services on an on-going basis since 2004. We have been with Safe Work Solutions on and off since 2004. They have worked with us on many projects including: workplace audits, risk assessments, interviewing (for new hires), and investigating workplace safety and health complaints. Whenever we have needed Safe Work Solutions’ services, they have provided an excellent work product with the highest degree of professionalism. Please read on to find out why we think Safe Work Solutions is the best workplace consulting company in the business. We are very happy with our Safe Work Solutions team. They are hard working and professional. They conduct thorough work and are always attentive to our needs. We have used Safe Work Solutions to interview over 40 applicants and they are very competent and provide excellent feedback. Safe Work Solutions’ people are very friendly and professional. They always do a great job and always go above and beyond what we would expect from our consultants. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for workplace consulting services. Safe Work Solutions conducted our employee wellness program and we are very pleased

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